Friday, November 12, 2010

Bob the Builder

A baby dance off to Nita's favorite song complete with Jessie "saying" Bob The Builder.

The blog video download sucks, so follow this link!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Cast Free!

The cast is off of the super achiever Nita! Only a 4 week stint and the toe is pretty and straight. Now just to get the skin all nice again. Almost there. She adjusted quite well to her feet again, haha! Took her a little bit of un-graceful moves, but she was quickly back to leader of the pack!

Not as easy to get Jake to sit nice this year. Maybe it's due to the overgrown flowers? I think he's afraid of them. Ha
Sitting pretty with my cast!
And then she nibbled on a petal.
Why so serious?
'Cause I have to be tickled first!
Whew, that photo shoot wore out one little girl, made one girl hungry and a little boy ready for more pictures!
Got some culver's and "tailgated" started out ok, until they saw the custard.
Or maybe we'll just have some ranch.
Fine by Jake, he'll polish off the chocolate. Needless to say, they all rode home in their diapers/undies. No one was injured, Bob the Builder blanket took most of the hits. He was a trooper and got a nice bath.
Pumpkin farm! 10/16/2010
Just stop for one second girls?
No, not so much?!
Hey Donkey!
Jessie strong like bull. Move pumpkin. Anita makes the great escape. Jake, just Jake!
Hitting the beach on a nice evening. The days are winding down!
Two dangling babies. Heh!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New cast!

See bowl on middle left above the milk shelf? Cookie dough. See spoons in little girls hands? Monsters created! Success!

Nita being all cutsey.

Jessie being elusive.
Seriously, what cast?

Nita, you'd save some tears if you wouldn't play in the plants. But mom, dirt is sooooo coooollll!!!

The hats...I and my mother made hats. Fashioned after Jake's hat, not the same, but the same idea. Yup, totally stole the idea and methods. Except the scarf, that was all Susan's work! Taking orders now.

Abby's goalie debut as well as mom's wardrobe lesson.

Whatever, I'm just going to stand here and eat my female M's.

Today 9/28/10

Hanging out with our sippy cups this morning while mom made pancakes.

We inherited a roller coaster from Okon's! We love's like a slide. See video for correct use!

I got my new cast today! It's orange. I love it!

This is my dog. This is my phone. This is me, Jessie-bear, roarrrrr!

A special moment between sisters...pick me up, no pick me up, no me, meeeeee!!!!!

Fine, milk, it'll do.

Jessie's Ride

Nita's Ride

Monday, September 20, 2010

Little Mobile Pics

Here's a bunch of pics from my phone. In a rather mish mash order!

Mmmm, Target popcorn!

I'm so cute the day before I get my cast on.
I have to WHAAAAA?!?!?!?

Look cute and adorable in a pink cast!

A visit to the jelly belly store
Hanging out in the neighbors tree with another neighbors dog. Max now resides in Texas.

Cheesecake makes everything better!

Anita is doing fantastic in her cast. But, no one has signed it yet. I think Jake will fix that tomorrow! :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Cast

Monday, Sept 13th down at the beach for a last hurrah before the cast!

Ohh, what's over here? Rocks to climb on! How 'bout that, they're all looking in the same direction.
There's Jake's head peaking over the rocks (as in, stay where I can see you,) Jessie following close behind and Nita bringing up the rear. She's only behind because she was meditating by the lake shore.

Anita has Metatarsus Adductus (MTA) She will be in a cast for possibly 6 weeks and getting a new cast every 2 weeks. Her ranking (either 1, 2 or 3) is a 1-2, so it's not terrible, but when you're a teenager, it's all terrible. For the first round, she chose pink for the cast! There's a little boot thing on it just because the figerglass can scratch the wood floors. Otherwise she can walk on it and do whatever. Just CAN NOT get it wet. It has not slowed her down one bit. In fact, I think she's faster!

Cast day! Sept 14th. One tired little girl, one pink cast, one dish of ice cream and one comfy blankie.

I'm home, and I'm fabulous!Getting a ride from big bro this morning. (Sept 15th)

Heading outside with a sock on. Have to keep the gravel out somehow!
The wonkie leg dance.

Trying to keep up...chasing brother down for the dump truck ride.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

What's to come

And what has been. Catch up on some photos!

They love their puppy...and he is patient enough to love them back.
The return of the stool made by grandpa! Each one has one so there really shouldn't be any fighting right? Except when only one is around and they have to, a rare moment of getting along on the same stool.

The big moving truck that took Stella's stuff away to Texas. *sniff*

The boys went to roof Grandma & Grandpa Sutton's roof so that meant super secret project time for Mom! This first photo is from earlier in the week when the littles actually had clothes on and looked like people. All 3 of them enjoy playing in the dirt. (Uncle Tony drives the dump truck.)

Jessie was kind-of stuck and ended up doing a mini-head stand in a hole. It was funny, if you were there.

Friday afternoon after removing some plants.

And whoola! A perfectly awesome pea gravel box! Loved by all...especially momma who doesn't have to clean dirt out of butt cracks anymore! :)

Project #2

Whoola! Went shopping in the neighbors flower gardens and came back with some fun stuff. Some of it was mine tho...okay, 2 things. And yes, I did hear that those palm spikey things are actually house plants so I will be taking them inside for the winter. Need some more rocks and everything to grow in!

The girls eating like big girls...kind-of

And here we have one little rock star. It's Jake's new drum, but when brother's away, Jessie will play!